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How much shelter do we need?

We all are looking for that safe place; get fancy and describe it as a latibule, more basic as a hideaway, securitize it as a safe room, or go western gangster and want a Hole In The Wall. It will all be the same, someplace where we can’t be gotten at by whatever is trying to give us injury. It can be as simple as a comfy spot under a quilt. Or, if you are a paranoid billionaire, a custom-built subterranean shelter for yourself, your family, selected domestics, and security staff. You and I just want to be safe from injury. But the ultra-wealthy want to pull a substantial part of the world in with them, too.

Perhaps you think I am joking, but I am very serious. I searched online after reading a newspaper article about it a few months ago. I found sources that extolled the designs and construction details of doomsday constructions for the filthy rich. You and I may cower in our basement with water jugs and canned beans, but the well-to-do will still have pate, wine, and clean sheets.

But the article I read pointed out a big hole in the mega-shelter idea. Pay. The staff might start being grateful for the reprieve from armageddon for a few weeks. But working only for sustenance gets a bit old after a while. After a time, they might think that they don’t need you screaming for a fresh bottle of sherry at midnight. And what’s the likelihood of the security staff getting ideas and holding a coup? Think of it: the airlock opens, and you and yours get evicted from your dear shelter into the toxic outdoors.

So, with all the banks closed and you being frightened by your staff, they have a problem that the rest of us peons don’t. 

It’s such a first-world problem.

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  1. I just finished reading a book about a prisoner of war camp for officers during WWII. They had their batmen, who catered to them, and surprisingly there was not an uprising. Strange

  2. Back when we were always broke and G Dubble-ya said to create a (anthrax) safe spot in our domicile, I went down to the toiletless / food-lockerless cellar (for us 8 or 9) with a bag of water, window plastic, crackers and PB — and realized the cellar floor was as porous as its walls. *Sigh..

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