On The Road In The 1960’s – a travelers guide

There was no doubt. It was a piggish indulgence. We sat, each of us holding a pint of ice cream and a jelly jar of maple syrup. Said Bill, " …and as Saint Augustine said…it was wicked, but I loved it." I just nodded my palate and brain, too frozen to speak in return.


If your play is your business, you have to take care that the fun remains in the mix - or you might find yourself doing something you hate.

Shy, Never!

There was nothing shy about that grey tomcat of mine. If Clancy liked you, he'd let you know at once, and if he didn't like you, he'd let you know at once.


The problem with long periods of no practice is that you think you are doing great, but then realize that your technique has atrophied.

On The Road

What's the old saying? If wishes were horses, beggars would ride? Well if you were hitching around in the 1960's you wished a lot and sometimes rode.