Next month I’ll galavant on over to my Primary Care Physicians’ office. I’ll have some explaining to do. The inevitable question: “have you been feeling depressed recently?” “Well, Doc, no, but I do cry a bit about things every day.”
I’m creatively engaged at my job, in my shop, and my affairs generally. But yes, I do cry a bit. I’ll maintain that I’ve had it pretty good last year. Yes, my wife, daughters, and I had Covid-19, but we recovered. Yes, we miss seeing other members of the family, eating out, and taking vacation trips. But my job did not disappear on me. We did, OK.

So why get weepy? I’ll maintain that not getting weepy as you read the news, skim public media, and watch TV only demonstrates that the tragedy is not getting home to you.
I’ll balk at any suggestion that the tears are a sign of depression and maintain that they show a good understanding of precisely the mess the world is in at this moment.

Go ahead and shed a few. It’s good for you.

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