Sigh, I lost four pounds. February has not been kind to me, and I fear I’ll be breaking my previous waist dimensions; in short, becoming more rotund than I ever was before.

I eat a healthy diet with lots of fruits and veggies. But my lack of mobility this winter has crippled me. And yes, I mean crippled since I am now due for a replacement hip. 

It’s not diet rhetoric that will help. It’s being able to get out and hike again. And expend some of those excess calories I take on.

It’s funny how the extra piece of Raisin bread toast did not settle permanently around my waist last year. But this year, it’s heralded on the scale every morning.Ā  My wife snickered at me, and informed me that my habit of stealing treats contributes to this. I suppose she’s right. Banning the ice cream was not enough, and sterner measures are needed. No more raisin bread.

For now, I’ve politely asked temptation to get behind me and reduced my portions. So that’s how I lost the four pounds. The next four will be more challenging because desire enters the picture. I have problems with desire.

But I won’t be safe again until I’m back on the trail looking for early buds, rabbit spoor, and crossing small brooks. That’ll be soon after the hip gets done.

But I wish someone would help me and finish off that damn raisin bread.

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  1. It’ll happen (seeing rabbit spoor again)! It was only fair that since husband was my labor *coach* I would later be his “hip camp” *coach* — but annnnyway, everyone before us, and since (including him) said the same, “God, I wish I’d done it sooner!” Good luck, Lou. šŸŒ·

  2. Best wishes on the hip replacement. Mobility becomes very precious the older one gets, and the hip replacement is a good way to extend the time you have that mobility!

      1. Funny that the post Iā€™m working on right now talks about a cookie pouch that I seen to have developed since just before Christmas time. My pants are definitely a lot tighter, so I can relate. Good luck with your surgery when the time comes!

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