Daily writing prompt
What skill would you like to learn?

Marcus here. We came in too late last night to get a look at the grounds, but the new palace looks OK. Our older sister seems to have done an excellent job. But our new older brother, I don’t know, he’s awful barky for a cat and such a big beast

Well, today, my sister and I get to play in our new bedroom. We’ll get to learning about our birthright tomorrow when we explore further. Father and mother say we have many skills we need to learn. We are cats. We already know it all!

Sorry for the brevity of this post, but I have to chase my sister Sabrina!

Max here. Father and mother say that I’m a big brother now. but I want to stay the baby of the family! Father said some folderol about my having the capacity to grow, mature, and teach the kitties.

Horse puckies! Only if they share their food!

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