Present Arms!

His routine was to present them in a lineup first thing in the morning as I got up to make coffee and feed him. He would sit at the end of the line, chest out, immeasurably proud of the body count. You could almost hear the crisp tones of "Present Arms!"

Watching the Clock

At 5 pm, the cat checks the clock a final time and then starts weaving between the legs of whoever is preparing dinner. The dog does the passive resistance thing by merely blocking your path to wherever you need to go.

The Present

began with the sort of joke store items kids love - flatus cushions, stinky stuff, boxes with exploding snakes rather than candy; you know the kind of thing.

The Author Steps Out

Over the past four months, I returned to the 1960s and '70s for some good and not so great memories. I've always tried to keep within limits of what could have happened when I took a frolicking detour from what occurred. I cleaned things up.