Flytrap Flower

It’s not open yet, and I have no idea what it will look like when it does open. But this Venus Flytrap is apparently very happy sharing the kitchen window with the orchids. I’ve had other carnivorous plants flower before, but not the flytrap.
This was an interesting last on the card for March.

Last photo on the card – February, 2022

I run an access television station, and electronic waste piles up over several years time. We had old cabling, monitors, printers, cameras, servers, switchers and mixers that had outlived their useful life by as much as ten years. I was fortunate to find a recycler who would take it all for free. He repurposes, resells or scraps what he takes, and , makes a profit on our waste. A good deal for all in my opinion. anyway I had to make a series of pictures that gave him an advance idea of what he’d being picking up- my last photo on the card for the month of February.

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