Last photo on the card – February, 2022

I run an access television station, and electronic waste piles up over several years time. We had old cabling, monitors, printers, cameras, servers, switchers and mixers that had outlived their useful life by as much as ten years. I was fortunate to find a recycler who would take it all for free. He repurposes, resells or scraps what he takes, and , makes a profit on our waste. A good deal for all in my opinion. anyway I had to make a series of pictures that gave him an advance idea of what he’d being picking up- my last photo on the card for the month of February.

Cedar Waxwing – last on the card January 2022

Every year towards the last of January our Mountain Ash Tree ( also called a Rowan) gets mobbed with Robins and Cedar Waxwings . In a twenty-four hour period they vacuum up every remains berry on the tree. This is one of the outstanding memories of January for me.

This year I tried to capture some photos of it, but most were out of focus. the birds are on the move; fast! this was the last on the card.

Meerschaum Pipe – Last on the Card- August 31, 2021

This Meerschaum pipe was going to illustrate a post on Boston that I did last week, but I could not get a nice shot of it. It was hand-carved in the late 1960s in Turkey. It’s a lovely example of traditional carving styles in materials other than wood. A favorite possession even though I no longer smoke, I like its feel and the detailed carving.

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