The Devil walks around primarily ignored and doesn’t care. Go ahead. Disparage, deprecate, dismiss or vilipend all you wish. He, or she, shrugs the shoulders and carries on. It’s even doubtful that you’d recognize the Devil. Those cloven hoofs, horns, and tails are so right out of the middle ages anyway.
Nope, remember that old saying that the Devil quotes scripture to his own needs? Well, these days, all the Devil needs to do is type on his cell phone, and Twitter or Facebook does the rest.

It’s gotten so bad that the head of Hades is thinking of making the Devils take some of that “use or lose” vacation time. It’s been accumulating since the Fall. So what do you do if you are a sixty-hour-a-week demon? You have no social skills; all you do all week is ruin other people’s lives. So what the hell do you put on your profile at a dating site? Enjoys the company of sociopathic individuals? Objective: having a wonderful time spreading misery?

So you see the problem? So they finally get some time off and spend it all in therapy because of some weird Pax Satanica with social media?

Who would have ever suspected! The Devil rendered redundant, made obsolescent, and unemployable because of Hi-Tech?

Please. Can we get a little sympathy for the Devil?

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  1. …and the Rolling Stones give a shoutout to you! **looking for that CD as we speak** Merry Christmas, Lou!

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