If it’s early in the morning, I need my Java hot, with heated milk. As I prepare the brew, my supervising cat and dog stand in the doorway. I can almost hear the paws tapping out – “we are waiting! What is keeping you.”
H.I.M. Xenia and Generalissimo Samuel Tiberius Carreras crowd out onto the deck and run down the stairs into the garden. Of course, they go in different directions, ensuring that I can’t keep eyes on them from the level of the deck. So down I go sipping as I go. Back around the pond, they’ve gone looking for frogs. I have an eye on her – she can be sneaky and head towards the street. I am also checking the progress on the spring flowers. We’ve progressed from the earliest ephemerals into some of the later blooms.
Sam pretends to be occupied with a chipmunk hole on the other side of the pond but is also watching the cat. There she goes, slinking away towards the fence. Sam gives me his look that says, ” Dad, she’s bad again!” I look at her and say to Sam, ‘OK, Sam get the kitty in; she’s been bad!” Off he goes turning her, and delicately moving her in the direction of the deck and the door. Sam is in total cattle dog mode. Xenia is in full outraged kitty mode, hisses at both of us but runs in the door.
By now, I need my second cup, Sam needs his reward, and from Xenia, we both receive the particular look that royalty gives those that have disappointed.

4 Replies to “Java”

  1. Who else could create such an engaging story out of simply letting the cat and dog out? This was charming. I would read further tales involving these characters were you to write them.

  2. Pets add so much entertainment to our lives, don’t they? My cat’s latest way to ask for attention is to do come into my home office and “caterwaul” loudly and insistently … every time I’m in a zoom meeting.

    1. Cats seem to have added an entire social domain to their behavior during Covid. What are they going to do when Zooming is not so much of a thing anymore -facetime bombing of course.

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