In Between

Did you ever notice how much time gets spent “in-between?” We travel, and most of the time, it is neither departure nor arrival. I tend to amalgamate stories and journeys – I was in Boston, Coastal Maine, Philly, Baltimore, or DC. There is nothing nefarious in my doing this. It’s just a bit of discomfort dealing with the sort of things that happen when you are not there yet – between.
I used to take journeys solely to get in between; it was a special place and a mindset. Being there meant set expectations, people, and actions. Being between, well, anything could happen. You could meet someone who suggested a new destination, or your mind could wander into what I used to call Travelers Mind, and you’d whip off on tangents of thought unimpeded by destinations and arrivals. Rarely, you might find yourself where you weren’t going. And that might become a new destination.
Being between is not something you can borrow from someone else. You can’t reprise “On The Road” that was someone else’s journey.
You have to be fluid, find your way, and be unprepared for where you may wind up.
As we age, we stiffen up. And I don’t just mean the body. The mind can ossify, and we repeat the familiar long past its expiry date.
Yesterday I was passing a ceramic artists shop. The artist was outside in the sun, creating beautiful landscapes with colored acrylic pens. She had started this adventure with a granddaughter but discovered a new artistic avenue for herself as well.
Spend some time in between; who knows where it may take you.

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  1. Oh yes! I’m more or less always stuck in between that proverbial rock and hard place. Hopefully one day I’ll bounce-free into pastures greener. A good post, Lou.

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