Life is Sweet

There he lay, contented, in the arms of my soon-to-be fiance and wife. The Grey Menace glared at me. I was interrupting Mom and Kitty time. He seemed to be saying, “don’t believe all those scurrilous comments my detractors say about me. Bunch of worthless liars!” I rolled my eyes towards the heavens and warned my beloved not to trust that exposed belly waiting for a rub. She reached down and rubbed the grey fur. He purred while glaring at me. I bent over to kiss her, and a grey paw extended towards my chest; stop, it seemed to say.
Was this some lucid dream? No, this was still the Clancy J. Bümps I had always known. The claws came out.

Somehow he exuded utmost satisfaction with life: he was clawing me while getting a good snuggle and belly rub at the same time. Life is sweet!

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