Most people have some urge towards the creative. For them, it may be the weekend gallivant around galleries admiring other people’s work and reveling in creative genius. However, a couple of my artist friends have maintained that this isn’t creative; it generates no art.
I label it creative because the art is being processed and recreated in the internal landscape of their mind. Then, they purchase the art, utilize it and place it in their homes where it is further appreciated. That may be their only urge towards the creative. But it’s critical for those who create art and craft – they are our audience and patrons.

Sometimes artists and craftspeople create casually. The people who install our work have to consider how it will be displayed and presented.

I’ve recently seen several photos of people in costume juxtaposed with paintings and sculptures. Those more knowledgeable than me have authoritatively told me that these presentations are art. Instead, I see media presentations meant to prop up waning celebrity status by being fanciful, preposterous.

I like the absurd, and I can appreciate the well-thought-out mundane. As a teen walking through the subways, I’d have laughed at you if you told me that fifty more years on some subway advertisements would be considered classics of advertising artwork. One that springs to mind is a Native American stating that you don’t have to be Jewish to like Levy’s Rye Bread.
It may only be indicative of how my mind works but, art is made by artists, art appreciators, and time. I recollect that Van Gogh did not exactly light the art world aflame in his lifetime, and we are continuously discovering the undiscovered as their work comes to light.

Art does not get made in a single day, and it’s not just the product of single minds.

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  1. so few appreciate proper art. I don’t like your last line though. Through all I’ve been through with writing. My stories are my creation and nobody will leave their mark on them.

      1. I love to go to the gallery and enjoy the creations on display.
        I always see writing as an art too. My paints and modelling materials are my words. My canvas and podium is my paper.

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