I appear to be a rather insouciant type of guy. Not the sort to be overly bothered by a small piece of gristle in his filet mignon. But, like most of us, I consider my life to be precisely that; mine.

With this in mind, it could seem strange that I’d get involved with anyone whose purpose was my improvement. “Wes, you don’t look good in black turtlenecks.” “Wes, try to avoid this..or that.” Those sorts of relationships have had a limited life span.

But as most men will declare ( when nobody is looking), young men learn an awful lot from their female friends, wives, and lovers. So over the years, we took to heart and made our own much that got suggested to us.

The method of suggestion is critical. We often emulate or mimic what pleases us and those close to us. Appreciative looks and compliments go further than being told that my blue jeans and black turtlenecks are soooo Steve Jobs! I wore mine in Greenwich Village while he was still in diapers! Comments like that enforce the opposite; I like my look in black turtlenecks. 

So, much of what I like came from helpful, appreciative, loving, and kind women. But it’s so much more than new things learned or some lost. It’s also about the nuance of having encouragement as you struggle with a new song or a tricky bit of art. Sometimes, I’d of tottered off the edge if it hadn’t been for an encouraging word or presence.

In great appreciation, I’d like to say to you all, and you know who you are: Thank you more than can ever get expressed in words.

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