A friend of ours called it spuddling – not getting on with the task, working feebly. We were insulted and insisted that his claims were unsubstantiated. Besides spuddling, from the verb to spuddle, was actually from a quasi-obscene late Frankish source “spootile” – to make love in a lackadaisical fashion. We were highly insulted that he should employ such language on two virile young men. The very thought! How dare he! We did nothing in a lazy fashion. Especially not spuddling.

He had made us so mad that we became distracted from the job at hand, washing the windows on the Folkie Palace. Spring and fall, a biannual job needed to let the sunlight into the dim interior sooted up with marijuana and tobacco smoke. We were so distracted that we argued about the root of spuddling until the light failed, and we were required to stop by the dark. Oh, well, we’ll finish tomorrow.

Our friend we left sputtering as we walked down Beacon Hill to the Harvard Gardens for a beer. We were confident that any spuddling on our part was an anomaly. However, our friend had better start watching his language.

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  1. Very funny, Lou. It’s a great word, too. Well, both actually. Curiously, I’ve still got the window open for the travel website where I was looking up ticket prices to Boston, so I guess your post drew me here.

    1. Fall is a wonderful time around New England. Hiking is lovely – no bugs and the foliage is grand. I’m a Northshore fan when it comes to hangouts – Rockport, Salem, Newburyport, Portsmouth, and our Portland. If you do come don’t just do Fanueil Hall, the Market, and the Common. Among the best museums are the MFA (Boston), the MOCA ( North Adams), Peabody Essex Museum ( Salem).

      1. I’ve pretty much seen those things, ha ha! I lived there when I went to college 2004-2007. You didn’t mention Museum of Science, which was where my little Tara always wanted to go when we lived there. Thanks for the tips on your fave Northshore spots. Last time I was there I went to Gloucester, but I haven’t been to Rockport! Also spent some time at OOB and visited the Fairy Houses on Mackworth Island just next to Portland.

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