The Doctor Is In

I was feeling down the other day. Perhaps it was the weight of all the awful things going on in the world and the oncoming holiday rush. So I guess I got a bit weepy at my desk. At some point, I heard a deep purring and felt a warm furry body rubbing against my chest. I could almost hear Xenia, my cat saying, ” don’t worry. It’s alright; I love you.”
I hugged her and told her all my worries. She gently licked my ear and purred harder. After a few minutes, I began to feel better. My cat provides some of my best therapy. Petting her, I called her my little therapist as she purred and rubbed against my arms.
Then she hopped onto the floor and led me down to the kitchen. Once there, she stood poised in front of her empty bowl. “Oh. You want food?” She straightened up and yowled at me. I wasn’t sure but, it seemed as though she was saying, ” What! Do you think therapy is cheap? And here I’ve already given you the family discount?”

I paid up. At half a small can of food and the family discount, I couldn’t go wrong. As I started up the steps to my office, she meowed at me, “and don’t forget to set up your next appointment.”

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