Happenstance. That’s the source of my mental playlist. The soundtrack runs through my mind as I write, drive or carve. Start talking about running, and it might prompt ten minutes of Jackson Brown. One lonely middle-of-the-night drive from New York through Connecticut Phillip Glass’ Einstein on the Beach was the featured soundtrack. Strange night.

I have little control of it. But related themes do stimulate like music. Like the day the neighbors got treated to three hours of sea songs and chanteys as I was carving a portrait of a schooner.

Aaaaah, my boots and clothes are all in pawn! Go down, you blood Red Roses – Go Down!!!

Now you sing along too mate

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  1. Three hours of sea chanties! Arrrr! I bet rum sales went up in the neighborhood that day! LOL! Oh well, the end justifies the means from what I see in your beautiful carvings. I enjoy seeing your art.

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