The rains of March and early April are here. The seeds are getting started, and I am more than a bit frustrated with the new “peat moss-free” seeding mix I am trying. Nevertheless, the maple sap is boiling, and the almost spring is upon us.

Now I recall, at the edge of winter, that there will be days that I am itching to get garden beds in order, but there will be too much water on the garden to move without creating a mud patch.

The cat will demand to be carried into the carving shop and begin an inspection tour. She’ll move about the projects in a furtive and firtle fashion- looking busy but doing little. Finally, after knocking a few things over, she’ll get into the nip and lay in her shop bed and purr.

The details attended to; I’ll set my tools out and start carving while listening to the marine weather forecast rattling and hissing away on the tiny shop radio.

It beats the hell out of February!

2 Replies to “Rain”

  1. I almost re-wrote an old post about chipping paint. My dad, a merchant sailor, learned to avoid the bosun by chipping paint in the form of a map. You looked like you were busy, but weren’t doing much. That’s firtle. My dad preferred chipping out maps of Ireland. He said Galway Bay could be a thing of beauty.

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