A Calm Sea

I’ve done a number of these signs. Being that I often carve for a sea-loving clientele, the themes relate to life aboard and on the water. Each sign is graced with an individually hand-carved sloop, schooner, or other vessels.
In the case of this particular sentiment – A calm sea, never a skillful sailor made – It’s appropriate that the sea have some chop, movement, and whitecaps.

Making the effect of the water doesn’t take too long, but coloring it is one of the fun parts of making the sign. Green is my favorite color, and it’s always there with the blues, grays, and white. I dread having someone ask for two identical signs. Close maybe, but not identical.

Besides, while I like selling these, I also like making them. So, where’d be the fun in creating ten that were exactly alike?

3 Replies to “A Calm Sea”

    1. I carve a wide variety of traditional eagle styles, mostly from the 19th century. The ones in that photo are called billet hear eagles. They are placed on the ends of bowsprits, mostly on small sloops. The type I’ve mostly done is very similar to the traditional eagle billet heads found on Friendship sloops. More than a few never made their way onto boats and wound up being presentation pieces.

      1. Thanks, Lou. I saw the flat end and thought they might be bookends. Very nice presentation pieces!

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