Super Hero

My superhero costume just arrived. OK, it’s a bit tight, but it displays all my muscles just fine. I asked for red, but mom got this color instead. So it will do for now. I want the red one with a blue cape by Halloween, though.

Super Dog has already been used too much; I don’t like “Caped Crusader being my cape has not arrived yet. So let’s see, not Wonder Dog, but Dog of Wonder has a certain ring.

Dog of Wonder!!!!! Protector of Mom, Dad brothers and sisters…and the cat. Slayer of small rodents, protector of the innocent, capable of leaping whatever fence Dad puts up in a single bound.
Dad says most of the other superheroes have contracts with DC or Marvel. So he thinks something like Mad Magazine might work for me. So why is that damn cat snickering and rolling on the floor?

Being a superhero is serious stuff. But, unfortunately, you get no respect at home!

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    1. Max’s cattle dog instincts are beginning to kick. Like his cattle dog predecessor, Sam, Max is starting to like to know where everyone is.

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