A lot gets said about the different shopping styles of people. I think the old truism that breaks things down between male and female types is false. Going to the market is a matter of interest and audience.

I tend to go into a clothing store and quickly walk out with what I want. My wife takes her time. Sounds like the typical model, you say? But put me into a Woodcraft Supply store, or if I’m visiting Canada, a Lee Valley store, and watch me turn over each item fervidly. My wife, on the other hand, politely waits for me to finish.

I know people who spend colossal time selecting wine for dinners, lumber at lumberyards, bulbs at garden centers, and dog toys at the pet shop ( my wife). Sex, so far as I know, plays little or no role in most of these activities. Interests do.

Next time you are tempted to comment on a man’s or a woman’s shopping style, stop thinking about your own. But don’t be in denial. You know you’re just eager to get to the bookstore, cheese store, or another location where you’ll enjoy a long leisurely browse.

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  1. I agree. I do not like shopping, of any kind. My husband, however, will wander in any store (but especially Lee Valley and Canadian Tire) hoping to discover some new and ‘must-have’. Good balance I’d say.

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