I have more than a few weaknesses. A quick look into my carving shop reveals a backlog of projects, so getting things done on time is not one of them. Do you think it odd that I should put this up as a virtue? But, with so many failings, I have to count all the small affirmations I can among the positives.
Isn’t that one of the things those self-help books are always saying?
It took me a long time to get the gumption up to count this way. But now that I’ve seen how to do it, I realize how fantastic a method it is.

The other day I was reading in a gardening journal about how fall cleanups should leave the flower and seed heads on for the birds to eat and how the leaves should be left to mulch. I admit that I may have overdone it this year – to the point of neglect- in the garden. But I have decided to look on the positive side and view it not as laziness but as a sort of ecological gift to the local fauna.

In the new year, I am going to resolve to find as many affirmations like these as I can. Admittedly, they seem to cluster around my unwillingness to work, but people are such workaholics these days. They should find ways to affirm the positive aspects of stillness.

Stillness… hmmm…sounds less like laziness and more like Zen. I like it.

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  1. There is a french saying passed on by my husband’s grandmother, a “bretonne”, “la paresse rends intelligent” = laziness leads to intelligence…..thinking needs stillness…..wishing you a restful day.

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