One Body

I’ll never do it again. But it stands for the “get it done” philosophy I’ve had to adapt. It’s an eight-by-ten storage shed in the back of the property. Currently, it’s my wood storage for planks and assorted odds and ends.
I built the shed solo. We had just moved into the neighborhood, and I didn’t know anyone well enough to ask for help, so I did it all alone. I raised it by myself using pulleys and two-by-fours to shore up the walls. It was not enjoyable, but I needed the shed.
Years later, when the kids were older, I had a workforce who worked well for pizza, putting up my greenhouse/workshop. So for a change, I got an opportunity to watch.

As the house empties of children marching off to their own lives, I again find myself without help. My wife says I should wait until I get some help, but it wouldn’t get done today or even this week. So I begin to calculate ways to make one body do the work of two.

2 Replies to “One Body”

  1. One of my kids lives local, so he is the one…’hey, sonny boy the next time you come over, do you think you could….?’

  2. Sounds like you are quite familiar with ingenuity. I’ve had to do a lot of that so I get it. Just an extra pair of hands can be tremendously helpful. Good luck.

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