Apocolypse Now!

I can be brazen in putting down conspiracy theories. There is something about the repetition of themes that irritates me – the world is going to end because of :

  •  the godlessness of society;
  •   the worldliness of society;
  • mind control chemicals put into the chemtrails by the deep state;
  •  the greed of corporations

Just enough fact is in the recipe that otherwise sane people get drawn in like iron filings to a magnet. At holiday gatherings, it can take courage to argue with uncle John who has generously purchased the high-tech equivalent of tinfoil hats for each family member. These cost eighty dollars on the same site that offers AR-15 rifles, doomsday shelters, survivalist supplies, and dehydrated food to see you through your choice of the apocalypse or the rapture.

These tactics offer simple but frequently expensive solutions to complex problems – You and your dear ones will retreat to your basement and wait out the Final Days – to emerge in two weeks and repopulate the earth. Noah didn’t have it this easy.

For people falling for this brand of fantasy, there should be some prize for magical thinking. 

Most of us know by now that the problems facing our continued existence can’t be solved by stop-gap measures or mere hunkering down for a week or two. We’ve lost the treasure of pristine earth, and actual work, not magical BS, will be required to regain some semblance of what was lost – in a hundred years.

But instead of working to reduce our use of fossil fuels, plastic, or other things, it’s easier to seek an easy way out.

And considering our societal penchant for shopping, what could be better than buying a solution on our favorite online store?

5 Replies to “Apocolypse Now!”

  1. So well said!! It seems to me the one thing they think they are protecting — family, peace, freedom — gets ruined in the fruitless protection measures.

  2. You know I agree, but … We have recently bought a set of gloves for each family member so that we can set about putting out the house fire when our house comes under ember attack from the next bushfire in the city. I must ask my husband whether he has also bought face shields and masks for us so that we don’t die from smoke inhalation when we are putting out the fire. If we survive, the neighbours are sure to blame us because of our re-wilding project.

  3. I agree with your take on it. My son preps for everything. I told him I’d let them shoot me before I had to eat those freeze dried rations. The Meals on Wheels food comes a close second to that. My heart breaks for those subjected to them. If the apocalypse comes, I’ll stand in front of everyone else. I’m counting on the earth getting rid of us and replenishing itself. I wonder if Amazon has something for that. 😉 I love it here. No stores I would shop in. 😉 I need nothing anyway.

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