Where would you go on a shopping spree?

I call it tool porn. Yes, I love books. And I could indeed dress happily from the Orvis and LL Bean catalogs. But without a doubt, if I was given one of those surprise opportunities, “here are five thousand dollars; go spend it!” I’d head across the border to the nearest Lee Valley store and luxuriate in tool porn for as long as it took me to spend the money.

I have a few drawers in the carving shop filled with items I’m not likely to use often. I pull that small plow plane out, rub it and whisper, “my precious! It just seemed to be calling to me from the catalog pages.

I am actually afraid of what might happen if I went on a shopping spree with a loose wad of cash. I might have trouble finding places for all the goodies in the jammed shop.

But, hey! I’ve never let that stop me before. So let us go forthrightly where no tool shopper has ever gone before!

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