A short guide to being tired of the Delusional (48words)

The delusional have always been with us. In my life, I’ve seen delusional Weather Underground, nutcases intending to get wealthy from basement-grown MJ, and more.
More recently, Cryptocurrency, Trumpsters, and born-again supporters of the Flood and End Times.Yechh!
I am so damn tired and bored by delusional idiots!

2 Replies to “A short guide to being tired of the Delusional (48words)”

  1. Yep. I am struggling to figure out how to live with it. Even the nicest most open-minded and tolerant people are quicker to anger. Communication is more challenging than ever. I met up with my neighbors last week for a tea party and had nothing to share with them except good will. No common interests. Things got pretty strange pretty fast.

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