Uniform of the Day

Daily writing prompt
If you were forced to wear one outfit over and over again, what would it be?

I haven’t always been such a lion of sartorial excellence. If you dig into the far recesses of the closet, there are some well-cut and expensive silk and wool sports jackets and maybe even a suit or two. I’m kind of afraid to dig that far back. I may have worn a suit twice since 1995. Those are the remains of my former career as an applied anthropologist and government ‘crat – GS12/something or other. Do you perhaps riposte with a “What the hell happened?” I was on the brink of brilliant career opportunities when the government decided to”reinvent” itself with fewer ‘crats. I was one of the ones who was reinvented out of a position. Perhaps the change saved my life, for it’s never been as frenetic, idiotic, or stressful since.

It certainly changed my wardrobe.

The uniform of the day is very casual, Dock pants and a T-shirt. In cooler weather, a long sleeve T-shirt or Henley shirt replaces the T-shirt. You do not need to be a polymath to understand its simplicity. I have no need to dress in anything but a leisurely style.

Much of my work these days is remote, so there is little need to get gussified for galumphing around the house. At the small television station, I run, I’m in a server room or the “crypt,” where we control the studio equipment, edit, and do other stuff. Since the crypt occupies part of a basement, is air conditioned in the winter and heated in the summer, has no windows, and is a generally awful place, dressing up to go to the station is dumb.

Lots of my activity happens at home in front of the computer, where I perform about fifty percent of my work for the television station. No need to dress up to get a cup of coffee.

 Now, otherwise, I am gardening or working on my latest ship portrait in the woodcarving shop. I don’t have a lot of downtimes, and I’m not expecting a call for an interview requiring digging into the back recesses of the closet for that raw silk sports jacket, the bespoke double-breasted, or the plain brown suit.

So come to think about it, I might be overdressing.

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  1. “A lion of sartorial excellence”! Does this extend to other members of the cat family? Can you have a panther of sartorial elegance?

      1. I’ll remember that when Catorze comes in covered in crud. His big brother, Luther, was even worse. He would frequently come in covered in cobwebs, once in a bright green powder, and once in a layer of translucent, iridescent jelly that pulsed and moved. 😩

  2. “air conditioned in the winter and heated in the summer” That made me laugh. Typical basement. I’m so glad we get to go more casual in our later years. I probably dress a lot like you do though I add a big man’s long sleeved shirt over the t-shirt. I do color coordinate. Gave away everything fancy. No need.

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