The Lady or the Tiger?

Daily writing prompt
Are you seeking security or adventure?

The question gets posed like it’s on some psychological pre-employment quiz: do you seek security or adventure? I ask, is it a Lady or the Tiger sort of thing? I prefer the options from that old TV show where you choose from door number one, door number two, or door number three. I get discouraged by binary choices.
Now you see why I never got any corporate organizational jobs or the slinky government jobs at agencies known chiefly for their letters. I’m not reliably predictable. My virtues lie in my love of variety, balance, and curiosity.

Just a note about the original Lady or Tiger story. The author does not end the story by telling you if the young man won the Lady or was devoured by the Tiger. In real life, things get complicated too, and our choices don’t turn out to have simple results. The young man might wind up wishing he’d been devoured by a tiger. Or the tiger might not be hungry for a scrawny kid and go after the well-fleshed king who set the idiot contest up.

Oh, the spice of life, security, and adventure. What more could anyone want? It is true; however, that balance is desirable. A little too much adventure and curiosity has almost gotten me killed and dumped me in strange places with uncomfortable choices for exits. However, too much security, and you die of boredom. See what I mean?

So while questions like ” Do you seek security or adventure?” troll for predictable answers, I prefer options where it might be the Lady and the Tiger, and I’ll get to Door Number Three in just a while. Onward!

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