At the back of our lot, the shade from the bordering wildlife sanctuary is so deep that even Herculean efforts by the previous owners failed to grow a lawn there. After clearing the invasive bittersweet, we thereafter declared the area a shaded woodland glade and added native species that would thrive. We added winding trails for pets and children to explore, and I go on an inspection tour every day. I frequently find surprises in this area because while we try to manage it with a light hand, nature is actually in control.

This summer has been unusually wet, not damp, but wet. This has meant that among my morning surprises have been much more fungi than average years. If you are in a hurry, you might step on them or never notice, but one of the pleasures of the woodland garden is catching the small daily changes. The tiny red fungi on the log were there one day and gone the next.

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    1. It’s just a garter snake. They help take care of small rodents, and bugs in the garden. the also can be semi-aquatic. One year we had a really large and belligerent one that scared both the cat and the dog.

      1. Our garter snakes are a subdued gray, black and sometimes blue and green in small spots. He’s beautiful. I like snakes and appreciate the work they do.

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