I am the Hamburgler. So says my dad.
OK, I did get up on my toes, pulled down an entire plate of burgers, ate them, and hid the evidence for the whole evening. What can I say? I am a growing puppy, and I do not get enough to eat between regular meals, snacks, good boy treats, and whatever I can scavenge. I have to supplement this with theft.

Mother was mad because she was going to take one to work, and my human brother was angry; it was his dinner I ate. Dad just sighed and said one of these days, I’d eat something that would make me sick. He said that when I ate the entire pan of coffee chocolate brownies. Mom was going to take them to work one night, but they were too good to leave on the counter. All I got was the Zoomies. The sooner they accept what Dad called my “proclivity for larceny,” the better off we’ll all be.

Yesterday my nephew Tiberius came over for a visit. I taught him how to patrol for rabbits, smell out the chipmunks and drink from the pond. He is just a little puppy, only three months old. I’ll have to wait a few months to teach him the good stuff.
Then the fun will really start.

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  1. LOL! My childhood dog (Peanuts Lee) nearly got returned to the people who gave him to us the day my mother made cupcakes for some affair. She left them on the kitchen table while she got cleaned up to go When she came back to the kitchen to get them, she found Peanuts finishing up licking the frosting off all of the cupcakes.

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