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Was today typical?

Many of us say that uniformity is bland, that the steady drone of sameness degrades our lives. We all get excited, we say, over the unique. Not so. You know what would happen if you got up and your coffee was confiscated, and you were given a frothy fruit drink instead. Or your favorite pillow went missing, and you were given the My Pillow from hell. Those little things underpin how well we cope with the morning or how we sleep at night. What you want to do is pick your adventure, have a bit of a movie romance, or have someone else do the menial work around the house – no cleaning the bathroom for you!
I’m with you on this. There is nothing wrong with a typical day, just as long as we get to spice it up – a little romance, some fancy dining…whatever.
Now all I have to do is get it on my wife’s schedule.

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  1. It is interesting. I just read another post where the author is basically stating we have it too easy and if thing were more difficult we would be happier when something better comes along no matter how small it is. Imagine no coffee for a few days and then suddenly someone handed you a cup?

    1. Good observation.
      Some people do have it too good, and there is some truth to the statement that it’s not what you have, but liking what you have. Ever notice that rich folks often want to gentrify the neighborhoods of poorer folks because of the “great architecture, proximity to downtown, or other reasons. Some people like to appropriate what’s not theirs and feel entitled to do it.
      Sorry and extra rant, you probably were not expecting.

      1. Some people are never happy and want to bring down others with them even if the others are in far worse condition. Sounds like the appropriation issue a blog/post in the making!

  2. somehow, I think she will be up for something not requiring menial tasks… picnic it, walk on the beach, listen to music, and eat cold chicken…

  3. I think (for me) routine in most matters sets my mind free for more interesting things like painting and writing. And, if I didn’t get my morning coffee? I’m not answering for the consequences.

  4. No morning coffee? That’ll turn most of us into monsters! We don’t honour the little things enough! Routine frees up the mind a little for harder decisions.

  5. I agree. A typical day is what I love. This reminds me of a quote from a book I read recently. Here:
    Contrary to what I might like to think,my life is not guided by reason;it is ruled rather by the inertia of habitual motion.
    Amitav Ghosh, The Great Derangement: Climate Change and the Unthinkable.

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