Who wouldn’t love the little “love bites” of Sabrina at six in the morning? It’s just her gentle way of letting you know that her dog brother, Max, will start whining for breakfast in a few minutes. Marcus, Sabrina’s brother, is much more laid back. He snuggles into your exposed ear with soundwave-shattering purrs. 

Ah, the joys of having pets. No, wait on that. With the cats, it’s more like he and she are heir and heiress to an imperium. You are the beloved but wayward servant. The dog, however, is the shop steward of the Teamsters local at the house, and food not being delivered on time is a contract violation; he gets orneryBelly rumblings are not in the contract!

Sensing that a loud strike will soon be underway, I get out of bed and slip downstairs, still in my underwear

After breakfast, I’ll be allowed to have my coffee. What’s that Max? Oh, you need to go out? OK, I’ll open the door. What Sabrina? Pet you – as soon As I have coffee. Get off my chair, Marcus!

The joys of having pets are incomparable. But I really could use a bit more sleep.

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  1. I love it. My cat, Reggie (RIP) used to jump on my bed to wake me up. He got so passionate with the purring, bread-making and love bites he bit a hole in the outside of my nostril. Soon after he hit the ceiling, literally, poor guy. He didn’t take it amiss. I guess he knew it was kind of a rude way to wake me up.

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