The Palace was a regular stopping place for all sorts of folks going to and fro. People would hear about the Palace and drop in while en route to their destination. Parties ultimately ensued. Hangovers were an occupational hazard of living this lifestyle. Hangover cures were always in demand.

Light Air

Sultry is not the usual term used for days on the coast. The realtors, tourist industry, and boat brokers want you to think about cooling breezes, glorious summer sunsets on the beach, and romantic dinners at outside venues.

The Gurney

When I first was out of the Navy, I was like many of the newly discharged. I lacked a direction in life.


You wake. Where or when am I? From traffic sounds and the smell of frying eggs, I determine that I'm still among the living.


Then Dr. Max looked up and said, " Hey Lou, give me your hand. Now gently. Just place your hand on this