The Chest

The Cap'n kept his finances close to his chest, so to say. In a small locked chest below his desk.

Song Lyric Sunday – Highway to Hell – Like you never seen it! Livin' easyLovin' freeSeason ticket on a one way rideAskin' nothin'Leave me beTakin' everythin' in my strideDon't need reasonDon't need rhymeAin't nothin' that I'd rather doGoin' downParty timeMy friends are gonna be there too I'm on the highway to hellOn the highway to hellHighway to hellI'm on the highway to hell No stop signsSpeed limitNobody's …


A conversation on the nature of life took place in the waterfront workshop of a lobsterman I knew many years ago.


I lived a good chunk of my early life among men who'd made their living at sea. It tends to leave an impression on you.


When I landed my first actual professional job after grad school, it was not a berth for a practicing ( applied) anthropologist. I had to bend, twist, spindle, and mutilate it into one.