Venus Callipygea

How to put this delicately; my wife resembled the Venus Callipygea. Poised and posed, one heel raised, glancing back to examine her stockings. Breaking the suspense, she glanced up at me and demurely asked: “Lou, do you want the casserole tomorrow or the turkey empanadas?”
Gazing at my wife of thirty-some-odd years, I diverted my attention from her graceful form and replied: “Ummm, the turkey?”
Marriage – that great compromise between desire and practicality.

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  1. Nicely told, LC. Thanks for the insight. My Beloved Sandra and I just celebrated the 2nd anniversary of our actual wedding, which we undertook after sharing moments like the one you capture here for …oh…only 28 life-sharing years.

    Write on, Brother.
    (I wrote a relationship piece, too, for this prompt.)

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