Wild Wood

Around late October, I put some time aside from whatever projects are ongoing in the shop to work on treen – woodenware.
Something is liberating about this. I usually am working on projects like ship portraits, signs, or other fussy items where the portrayal’s accuracy is essential. When I am carving a spoon or frequently this fall bowls, I follow the wood’s grain, texture, and color. I continue to work my way through a pile of native cherry that my wood guy delivered to me two years ago. Unlike the staid straight-grained stuff used for paneling, flooring, or even traditional carving, bowl and spoon wood shows cherry’s wild side.

The spoons shown here are one of my wife’s anniversary presents, while the gathering of bowls is what I’ve completed this fall to date. In a future post, I’ll show more specific shots of the bowls. Hopefully, by January, they’ll become part of the offerings on a Shopify store I’ll be setting up.

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