We like to think of ourselves as being unique. We are less than pleased when it gets pointed out that there is a monotonous pattern in much of our individual lives. Like that friend who starts humming the tune to the song “Dusty Boots” every time she washes dishes. Or the person you hate to drive with because his speed increases as soon as the light turns yellow.
You may smile at these and say that the friends have a few personal quirks. It goes deeper. The wooden spoon you always grab for automatically, the greetings you use habitually without thinking. Reaching to the right to turn on the light switch when it’s on the left – the last place you lived had it on the right. At last, your idiotic delight in using the word “alfresco” every time we go on a hike and eat our lunch on the trail!
It goes deeper; planners, designers and anthropologists, and even politicians study the patterns.
Next time you insist that you are an independent thinker, proud contrarian, master of your fate, think about…oh, let’s say your shopping habits on Amazon. Their suggestions for you seem suspiciously on the mark?

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  1. Oh those prickly habits. You are so right about this. I think many start at the moment of birth. I think we are more alike in this area than most of us think. I do love giving Amazon a little kick when I order gifts for someone other than myself. Every web site likes to keep track of all our habits. There are no secrets anymore. I never order chocolate online. Can you imagine the ramifications of that?

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