We had been better off before the Teahead of the August Moon decided to improve himself. Now he was lovelorn, and everyone else in the Folkie Palace was made miserable. It was all the fault of the column in the paper – “Your Daily Word- seven days to a more articulate you!” It hadn’t been bad when the words were cromulent or defenestrate. There was a limit to how much trouble he could create with a word for fine or good. And as long as he stayed away from the window, defenestration was no too much of an issue.
No. The real trouble was pandurate. As an experiment, he tried it in seductive tones on Lorelei, his girlfriend. Once she found out that he was comparing her shape to that of a violin, there was no help for him. Although the breakup happened in the privacy of the Teahead’s room, Lorelei wasted no finesse on laying the Teahead out; loudly.
The next day we all breathed a sigh of relief. The word was science. How much trouble could he cause with science?

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  1. Hopefully you will share the outcome sometime, but since you are here to tell the story, I am guessing not much damage was done in the name of science.

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