White Paw Inspection

OK. She, Xenia – empress of all she surveys, says that I’ve washed out. Things just have not been maintained to her high standards. We had to search, yes, search, for her kitty bed. Doing a total ransack of the shop only to find it under a pile of boat and ship portraits was unacceptable. Shocking! Just Shocking!
I did point out that she hadn’t been in the shop for the past month, and today’s visit was a surprise. She sneered, and one white paw came away dusty. A blossoming of dust caused a sneeze. That ripped itβ€”a failed white paw inspection.
I pulled out a bag of fresh catnip and paid the fine. A good toot and several snacks later, Xenia had forgiven me with the injunction to ” go ye forth and sin no more.”
I am genuinely repentant.

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