Xenia’s Artists Statement

As you may be aware my cat Xenia is not only Her Imperial Majesty of All She Surveys, but also a “talented” artist. Looking forward to her first one-cat show, she used an online artist statement creator to come up with her exhibit statement. Later she cleaned it up a bit and personalized it:

My work attempts to examine the phenomenon of Cat Woman as a symbolic interpretation of both Jean Arp’s work and Through the Looking Glass. What began as a personal journey of Catnipism has translated into images that resonate with the Yankee cat’s drive to question their own diverse ethnic identity.

My mixed media cacophony embodies my idiosyncratic view of Basthet, the Egyptian cat goddess, as a transcendent deity. Yet the familiar imagery allows for a connection between Bob Dylan, the Goonies, and my play trinkets.

My work explores the relationship between the Military-Industrial Complex and self-actualization. New synergies are manufactured and expelled from constructed and discovered structures. My influences are as diverse as Machiavelli, Frida Kahlo and the Marx Brothers. 

Ever since I was a kitten, flouncing about in play, I have been fascinated by the ephemeral nature of relationships. Unfortunately, what starts as contemplation soon becomes corrupted into a hegemony of temptations, leaving only a sense of what could have been and the inevitability of a new beginning. 

As temporal forms become distorted through constrained interactions and personal practice, the viewer is left with a testament to the edges of our future.

I currently am accepting limited commissions that meet my aesthetic requirements. I may be contacted through my agent: Louis N. Carreras.

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