The Gatekeepers

Few things in life get me as mad as the Gatekeepers. Those myopic mavens of orthodoxy who are always saying something along the lines of, “but it’s not pure, it’s not canon, it’s not the way it should properly be done.” If it were up to them, cave art would have been stopped dead in its tracks because it was an innovation. But, instead, Dali sneers at them; every innovative artist who breaks the “rules” sneers at them, and I sneer at them.

But remember, they don’t just cavil at artists. They complain endlessly about religion, politics, and technology. They complained about Moses and his tablets. Took Buddha, Jesus, and Mohamad to task for breaking with centuries of established tradition and complained that Gallileo was too radical.

You can find them at art shows, music festivals, and even boat shows. However, you may be more familiar with them guarding their gated communities. 

They are the reason you didn’t get into the club or society. So, in that case, what wasn’t getting said was that you were a bit too Spanish, Jewish, too Asian, too poor, or just not the “right sort of person.”

If you don’t think you’ve met them, look around. No, they’re not all conservative; lots believe they are liberal. And they are not all suffering from a poverty of intellect. Some just put that intellect to poor purposes.

Better not stick around. Or, I’ll tell you how I really feel.

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