Real Estate

Inner peace and serenity get touted as an essential objective of the crowd that sells self-help books, diet plans, and elaborately concocted holiday getaways. Oh, and I forgot those who shill for cruises and expensive bits of real estate. Somewhere between lies the sort of paradise sought by those who escaped the urban petri dish during the worst of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

So, yes, I have started with a bit of a harangue, but once you were in your little bit of paradise, just precisely what is it you planned on doing? You worked sixty hours a week, enjoyed live theatre, ate out in exclusive bistros, and all of a sudden found yourself on an island or small community. This is like a long graceful fall, followed by an abrupt crash into the hard ground.
You were a bit miffed at the lack of amenities, culture, and convenience, but you stuck it out.

I don’t mean to raze your dreams. But recently, there have been articles appearing that fall into the “where are they now” genre. The articles are about those who relocated to more isolated digs during the pandemic. While it was happening, we either thought them fortunate or were envious of their good fortune.
While it’s hard to quantify exact results, it seems that social isolation, rugged country life, and a lack of cultural stimulation have taken a toll on the urban expatriates. Being born a New York City boy who moved at one point to a small community, I can attest that an introduction to a chain saw and cutting firewood can be a transformative experience. You either take to it, or you don’t.
So you admit it’s just not all that you expected and are looking to return to the city. But you find that you are priced out of the market due to the real estate and rental boom.

You’ll have to learn to thrive where you are. And as I frequently got told while living along the coast – ” Sin haste, repent at leisure.”

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