I’ve had a mixed-up relationship with hats. When I was younger, I refused to wear them. Maybe this was an act of rebellion because my father and all my uncles were hat wearers, and their hats were always rakishly poised in an arrogant New Yorker style.

Of course, in the Navy, a hat was required. My uncle Lenny taught me how to stretch it, twist it, and wear it in the most outrageously un-Navy style. So that seemed to make it OK.

In the seventies, I began to experiment with hats once in a while. But in 1981, I re-thought the hat and me and began to wear Panama’s in the summer and good solid felt hats in the winter. Then, I unconsciously began to wear them with the same dashing style my father and uncles used.

Some things just run in the family.

4 Replies to “Chapeau”

  1. Yes indeed they , I think hats are coming back in favour and I like to see a man in a hat. Personally I only wear them when I have too or in the sun πŸ’œ

  2. When we were in Barcelona a few years ago, my husband bought a Panama hat to protect from the sun. It looked great on him and I was sad when he left it in the cab on the way home from the airport and he went back to baseball caps.

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