Moving On

There comes a time in every project where you have to stop. We’d fuss over everything forever if we didn’t just call a stop. and that’s what I’m about to do with my current ship portrait of Zaida. I’ve learned a lot from the project about what I like, and some about what I’d not repeat. You then move on- don’t repeat your mistakes, improve on what you did well, and try some new things. Otherwise each project would languish waiting for a conclusion that never comes.

I’ve already started looking for a new project, and I’ve set some stricter standards for acceptable plans. A lot of the issues with Zaida derived from a lack of of good plans, drawings and clear photos.

It’s part of the adventure of woodcarving that you keep on learning; mastery is in growth not static achievement.

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  1. I don’t think so in 1916 Zaida became an auxiliary patrol vessel in the Royal Navy, armed with six-pound guns. Unfortunately, she was sunk while on patrol near Alexandria that August.

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