Just the way things are

There is a particularly interesting quote I have always liked, “Those whom the gods would destroy, they first call promising.” Promising is such a subjective word. It suggests that someone or an organization thinks you might be helpful to them. You are no longer promising, of service, or value when it doesn’t work out. You get discarded. It’s like being considered corrigible – correctible or incorrigible – “get him out of here!”

Having experienced this early in life, I prefer incorrigible as the safer alternative. Nobody would slather me up with buttery substances for their gain. After all, I was incorrectible. Handle with extreme caution. Add Biohazard and Nuclear Hazard marks.

Actually, under the exterior, I was quite a bit like any typical “rebel without a cause,” I enjoyed Bach, read small editions of Edo Era Haiku, and enjoyed quiet evenings reading and watching the sun decline. The Greasy Calf D-ringed engineer boots, grubby jeans, and Anime styled hair were just a defensive display. It worked the way it should. Friends rapidly got past it, and enemies or those who might find me promising saw the colorful presentation and assumed they’d hear the telltale rattle anytime.

As an outward manifestation of personality, it was both deceptive and deception.

As I aged, I passed beyond the point I’d be considered promising. It was a relief. I could display my wonky sense of humor and have it accepted as being just a part of who I am. Spontaneity was a lot easier. I could work on projects without worrying that someone might offer the opinion that it wasn’t what I was capable of achieving. Really?!

But best of all, I am invisible to people who once found me promising. There are corrigible to exploit.

Tough old nuts are hard to crack.

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