Market Forces

Seasonal Creep. I don’t know if that’s the technical term, but it’ll do. I bet you already know what I am talking about. It’s Halloween decorations showing up before Labor Day and Christmas decorations showing up before Halloween. People used to grumble, “It’s too early! One holiday isn’t even finished before the other is pushed on us!” 

The big box stores suggest that the elaborate marketing forces are to blame. 

My parents maintained that such Seasonal Creep was ultimately untenable and would have to stop because it would fail due to low sales. Well, over half a century later, it hasn’t failed yet.

As a child, I remember the Christmas Season starting right after Thanksgiving. Now it starts before Halloween but picks up momentum on Black Friday. Black Friday is now a holiday of its own. The news reports on “Door Busters,” the lady caught in the revolving door with all the presents she was carrying out of the store, and Black Friday traffic jams. You can even buy Black Friday holiday cards…Google it!

You think this is just Lou ranting about the commercialization of holidays and whining about the good old days. Wrong. Remember, I have that carving shop full of tools and the laser engraver in the basement. I’ll happily “craft” all the  Mortimer Roger’s Birthday goodies you ask for. I can have a lovely marketing agreement out to you before the Richard Nixon holiday observances…If you act now! 

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  1. LOL. We have the option to ignore a lot of things. I’ve never shopped on Black Friday nor on e-Monday, nor during Presidents, Independence, or Memorial Days (etc.) sales. I’ve lived / gifted alright through all my decades of “Massive Savings!” ignorings.

    1. Hmmpphh!Refusing to do your part in keeping the economy rolling, are you! Shame on you! Some poor millionaire in Arkansas will have to cut their crudites budget foat day!

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