The wood is stacked, leaves raked, yard cleaned up ( well, almost). So I must start on the following tasks needed for the coming holidays:

  • The little lights for the windows and plants all work. 
  • I’ve gathered all the materials for the rum-soaked fruitcakes (don’t eat and drive).
  • I’ve bought the fresh poppy seed for Grandma’s poppyseed bread.
  • I’ve started prep for the holiday letter.

There is a lot to do that wouldn’t fit into a paragraph. Thanksgiving is still weeks away, but it won’t work well without preparation. Remember the seven P’s – Prior Proper Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance!

And sometimes, I get a bit fed up with it all. But it keeps me from mourning the passing of my favorite seasons and keeps me from looking towards the one I least like; winter.

Now is also the time of year when I reflect on the fragility of these things. It depends upon family and friends, and pets. It would all be very hollow if it were only me. So let’s see, get sloshed on the rum-soaked fruit cakes, get stuffed alone on poppyseed bread, light lights only I might see, and read my prose in the dark.

It’s more fun to chase the cat away from the decorations. Chastise the dog for stealing food. Make holiday calls to relatives. Listen to our favorite family songs while kissing my wife. And watch my adult children tell stories while they put up the old favored decorations.

As arduous as the preparations may be, most of the pleasure is tied up in enjoying the enjoyment of others. It reflects back on us and cheers us at this time of year.

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