How Things Work Around Here

OK, listen up! To be clear, it’s not convoluted. It’s been known to Carreras cats and dogs back to prehistoric times. Santa Clause delivers toys to humans. His cat Santa Claws distributes to cats, and Santa Paws ( the dog elf), provides for the dogs. I understand that somewhere way back, an expedition to the North Pole was launched to confirm all this. Trust me; I’m a cat, and we know these things.

It’s different for cats and dogs. Cats are supposed to be bratty, indifferent to their humans, and disdainful of the stuff in their food bowls. People expect snotty behavior from us. Dad would take me to the darned vet if I were all sweetness and light. It would be like Santa’s reindeer not eating lichen and demanding celery. Yuck!

Dogs, on the other paw, are expected to obey. Cats are partners with humans. You guys drank the Cool Aid. You behave or get old dried reindeer poop in your stocking. 

In your defense, I know you’re still a pup. You have to learn now. I get first dibs on bows and wrapping paper under the Tree. 

Cats rule, and dogs drool!

3 Replies to “How Things Work Around Here”

  1. Santa Claws?! All our humans ever spoke about was Santa Paws–we didn’t know there was a special Santa Claws just for us! Thanks for this info, Xenia. We have some scratching around to do and get to the bottom of this. Oh, I see mom and dad are wearing new sweaters today–it turned a bit cold here in Florida. Well, well…we might need to ‘cozy up’ to them and have a little talk about Santa.

  2. She is a beautiful cat that looks like she runs the show. That look is awesome. My kids put up a tree this year hoping their year old rescue stays out of it. He’s quite the character too.

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