Indebtedness will always be an issue. For most of us, there is little question of indebtedness to our parents or the people who raised us. We may also have similar debts to friends, spouses, and others who stand by us, even when we are less than perfect.

At some point in life, we form an appreciation of who not to be in debt to or for. Politicians, mobsters, pushers, loan sharks, and generally people too low to be mentioned are at the top of my list.

Bad debt? Payday loans, gambling loans, and too much credit card debt are among the ones to avoid. While I once carried around seven cards and seven thousand in card debt, I avoided gambling debt, debt to pushers or loan sharks, and favors owed to politicians and mobsters. It was among the few times I gained wisdom through listening and observing rather than plunging in.

Debt is something we could all do with less of. Debt for a home, car, or appliance may be unavoidable. But not all debt is equal or dischargeable with money.

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