Is your life today what you pictured a year ago?

An old saying maintains that plans are ineffective, but planning is invaluable. It’s in line with the military proverb, “No plan survives contact with the enemy.” But the information and intelligence gathering that prepared you for contact helped you endure.

With great sympathy to the “you can do anything you dream” crowd, I’ve described a very accurate depiction of getting older. Unfortunately, without some planning and preparation, Your contact with the enemy will become, in the words of another military truism, a cluster fuck. Even then, It may not be very pretty.

It was becoming clear last year that physical therapy would no longer make a bad hip a decent one. What nature had provided me was just plain worn out. Never being one to sit about idly, I knew that the old one owed me nothing. In August, I had the replacement, and by the end of November began to pick up the pace of life with the new hip.

So the new hip is among the things different now as the year ends and the new year starts. But also, there is a pressing realization that even with careful attention to your health and well-being, things wear out.
There are limits to planning as well as plans.

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    1. I doubt that. I remember my brother-in-law had both of his hips done at once, and I saw him going to load wood into a small wood stove in his kitchen. He just fell into both knees 😳Painful to see.

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